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Fall 2005

September 22: Maki Isaka Morinaga, Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Minnesota
“Woman Pretending to Be a Man Pretending to Be a Woman”: Women Actors in the All Male Kabuki Theater”

October 13: Arun Saldanha, Geography, University of Minnesota
“Writing Travels: Jan Huygen van Linschoten's Itinerario and the Historical Geography of Dutch identity,1596-2002”

November 17: Tony C. Brown, English, University of Minnesota
“Kant's Tattooed New Zealanders”

Spring 2006

February 16: 3rd Graduate Student Roundtable: Current Research in Early Modern Studies

  • Ariane Balizet, Department of English
    “Blood on the Early Modern Stage: Marriage, Mourning, Memory”
  • Karen Carmody, Department of History
    “The manipulated mother of God: Visual representations of the Virgin in elite institutions of seventeenth century New Spain”
  • Matt Desing, Department of Spanish and Portuguese
    “Hierarchy of Sodomies: Alonso de Palencia's Self-Fashioning in the Crónica de Enrique IV”

March 9: Eric Baker, German, Scandinavian and Dutch, University of Minnesota
“Blinded by Science?: The Failure and Success of Edmund Burke's Empiricist Sublime .”

April 13: Kay Dian Kriz, Department of History of Art and Architecture, Brown University
“The Aesthetics and Physiognomy of ‘Black Humor:' Graphic Satire and the British West Indies on the Eve of Abolition”

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