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Fall 2006

September 21: Opening Reception

October 5: Rebecca Zorach , Art History, University of Chicago
Work-In-Progress Session: “Sex, Numbers, and the Melancholy Body."

October 6: Rebecca Zorach, Art History, University of Chicago
Lab Session at Minneapolis Institute of Arts: "Early Modern Prints."

October 19: JB Shank, History, University of Minnesota
Lab Session: "Courtly Mathematics? Evangelistta Torricelli's Finite Volume Infinite Solid."

November 9: David Pantalony, Bakken Library and Museum, Minneapolis, MN
Reading Group: "Early-Modern Electrical Instruments."

November 30: Reading Group: Gilles Deleuze, The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque, Tom Conley trans. (University of Minnesota Press, 1992)

December 1: Niccolò Guicciardini, History of Science, Università di Siena
"Not fit for Public Utterance: Newton on the Publication of Analysis"

December 12: Jonathan Sheehan, History, University of Michigan.
Work-In-Progress Session: "The Sacrifice of the Secular: Theology and Law in Early Modern Europe"

Spring 2007

January 26: Symposium: The Baroque Across the Disciplines

February 8: Bali Sahota, Asian Languages and Literatures, University of Minnesota
Work-In-Progress Session: "Romanticism's Horizons"

February 22: Eileen Reeves, Comparative Literature, Princeton University
Work-In-Progress Session: "Speaking of Sunspots: Oral Culture in an Early Modern Scientific Exchange"

February 23: Eileen Reeves, Comparative Literature, Princeton University
Lecture: "Mere Projections: Galileo and Scheiner on the Sunspots"

March 8: Janice Neri, Art History, Boise State University.
Work-In-Progress Session: "Between Observation and Image: Representations of Insects in Robert Hooke's Micrographia"

March 22: Christopher Minkowski, Oriental Studies, Oxford University
Work-In-Progress Session: "Exact Sciences in Sanskrit in Early Modern India"

April 12: Giancarlo Casale, History, University of Minnesota
Work-In-Progress Session: "On the Question of Ottoman Curiosity"

April 26: 4th Annual Graduate Student Roundtable

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